bestes wagyu-fleisch


In the "Wagyu Beef Contest 2021", the successful young entrepreneurs landed in first place and were now finally allowed to receive the award: In the central halls in Hamm/Westphalia, Steffen Schäfer and Uwe Jerathe from the Wagyu Association Germany presented the gold medal. Back to the pastures mentioned around the mountain village - these are something like the key to success: on more than 300,000 square meters of meadow, the Wagyu cattle find the best Sauerland herbs and grasses there. This diet, which is holistically based on what the surrounding nature has to offer, results in the excellent meat quality - Katrin Schütz says: "We combine the best feed with great appreciation and love for the animal. Added to this are our many years of experience in agriculture." This is the only way to produce the best Wagyu meat in Germany, the "expert" responsible for marketing is sure.